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Artist's Statement

My current work focuses on my empathetic connection with birds. The work contains symbolic narratives that weave in and out of my own dreamlike space, my ideas, and the personal quirks that I carry in memory and in everyday life. The figurative elements of the work are self-representational, re-imagined reflections of oneself taken from imagery found in magazines, art journals or anything that captures my attention. The focus of these are often the linear forms of the figure, the reimagined self as an intimate encounter with my own inner world, and realised self-portraits holding a powerful and symbolic presence in the final works.

My approach to the application of paint is both intuitive and spontaneous, I am particularly interested in colour, texture and translucency in the figures that I portray, aiming to achieve a sense of simplicity and naivety in the works. I apply paint, then rub back the paint, intentionally exaggerating certain elements that I find interesting.

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